We welcome the individual participation of customers and employees of KPC in each venture to improve our paper cups and support services. Combining our team-based organizational structure with our business proximity means providing cutting-edge, strategic and practical solutions to our development processes. Simply put, we’re delivering exciting products that really work.

The Experience

Culture is a way of life and every worker at KPC cups has the ability to have an effect on all areas and processes within the company and is encouraged to use the initiative to act in the interests of our customers. This is made possible by our open culture, which gives every project access to all areas of expertise within the organization. Speaking with our people on a regular basis, listening to them and judging them is crucial to KPCs’ success and retention of workers.



People are at the heart of our business, our culture and our values. To manage and promote them effectively, we promote policies that focus on equality and diversity, health and safety, and the Code of Ethics.



The growth of our workforce is based on having an open workplace where ideas and knowledge can be easily shared. We pay particular attention to inspiring our people to perform at the highest by acknowledging their accomplishments and rewarding them appropriately. These principles apply to all employees, wherever they may be, and whatever their role.